Tomorrow is a historic day in our country. Not only are we finally at the Inauguration of our new President and Vice President, we are finally at the end of the Trump presidency and I hope as a country that we have learned our lesson to not make a similar mistake in the future. But, I do not want to give another minute of my time to the Trump family, they do not deserve it. This is about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, stepping into their new roles as our President and Vice President. 

Kamala Harris, the first woman — and woman of color — to become Vice President in the history of the United States of America. It’s amazing it took this long, isn’t it, really? But it is true, and it is definitely more historic than anything else about the inauguration itself. Plus, I have to congratulate Doug Emhoff, Kamala’s husband, in his new role as the first ever “Second Gentleman” – tearing down the typical political stereotypes at every level here. As far as the election itself, people voted in record numbers and we knew we had to defeat the voices of bigotry, racism and hatred and try to find a path to love, empathy, respect and unity. And guess what? We did. Tomorrow, January 20th, 2021, we swear in an honest man who has love for his country as strong as the love for his family and the people around him.

I do not want to take away from the joy of this event – knowing we are on a path to restoring America to decency, getting COVID under control, and trying to return to a normal form of life is an amazing thing. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful we will have leadership that listens to experts and actually believes in the science, which is needed to finally lay the pandemic to rest.

At the same time, I want people to know that the fight isn’t over. Some of the policies are not as forward thinking as they need to be. Cash relief is still up for major debate. We won the runoff elections in Georgia, which we all worked like hell to make sure we stripped Mitch McConnell of his majority power. But $1400 does not equal $2000 – and I don’t believe the earlier $600 check should be brought into the equation with the next stimulus package. Plus, a one-time $2000 check is not enough, through the pandemic, Americans need more – and monthly.

Our fight for Universal Basic Income continues. Our fight to make sure we get a proper fair healthcare system continues. We need to hold our leaders at all levels accountable and make sure they stick to their promises – and fight for justice and equality across the board. 

It has been an immensely stressful start to 2021 for most of us, just counting the days until Biden’s inauguration – praying nothing happens to our country in that time. I talked on social media about how unjust and just plain criminal the acts against our democracy at the Capitol were. All of this incited by a president that truly doesn’t believe he lost the election. A man who believes people should’ve rioted to overturn the election. I hope that each and every person that tried to attack our Capitol see the justice they deserve for committing the crimes they’ve committed.

Above all, I pray that tomorrow is a safe event for all involved and all who will be on the premises. I hope everyone is protected and that no further attacks on our great nation and our democracy are to happen. I also personally would like to wish both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris my best wishes — for health, for strength, for safety and for energy. We believe in you both – the millions of Americans who voted you into office believe in you – and we know that leading with empathy, compassion and listening are the true ways to heal our nation. So, to our new incoming President and Vice President – I wish you nothing but success. You have committed to “build back better” and I truly hope you can achieve that goal. I believe you will.

May everyone stay safe and well – and know that help is on the way. Our “rebirth” or the “flipping of the reset switch” starts tomorrow – when we install new leadership to our country. I honestly cannot wait to see better days ahead. As always, stay strong and spread positive energy in any way that you can.

Peace and love,

Cory Legendre