I told you, the fight doesn’t end when the election is over. We still have so far to go – the push for things like UBI are still a reality, and a long fight ahead. But right now, with the CARES Act expiring at the end of the month, and many still unemployed, COVID cases still rising at a rapid rate, we’re honestly not in a great place in America right now.

People are afraid of losing their homes, having their cars repossessed, worrying about putting food on the table, worrying about staying safe while the COVID-19 pandemic ravages our beloved country. This isn’t the time to play politics — as they’re doing — with our lives. We need direct cash relief – and we’ve been working on trending different statements every day on Twitter to get the message across. Social media can be a very powerful force and thanks to inspiring people like @district12kitty, we’re getting the message out with a coordinated set of hashtags.

Yesterday, we successfully trended #DirectCashRelief on Twitter, and today, we’ve been working to trend #PayThePeople. We’re going to keep at it until our government gets it together and passes a new bill that actually helps us all. These “skinny bills” aren’t doing any good by the American people. We need a monthly check, until the pandemic is over. They’ve taken so long to get a bill together and help the people, many Americans have bills piling up and are on the brink of losing everything — because of this, not only do they need to start issuing a monthly check immediately, they need to give us backpay6 months at an absolute MINIMUM – to make sure people don’t lose their cars, homes and everything we’ve worked so hard to earn.

The American Dream cannot live on and exist if everyone loses everything they have.

It’s not the conversation for today, but I honestly believe that Universal Basic Income, not just during the pandemic – but as the new normal for Americans – would be the ultimate way to revive that beautiful sentiment of “The American Dream” that everyone truly deserves. We deserve the chance to prosper, and to have the freedom to leave toxic work environments, start a business, or the one thing many have never been able to do – put a little cash aside for an emergency. Can you imagine how much easier things would be right now during the pandemic if we’d been receiving our UBI for quite awhile already? Wouldn’t you feel a little more secure?


Please, go follow @district12kitty on TwitterHer pinned posts will let you know the current hashtag that we’re trying to trend, and her videos will inform you on how to send letters to your representatives. Let’s unite as Americans, as I’ve always pushed for with #UniteNotFight, and let’s get the #DirectCashRelief we all desperately need and deserve. We’re going to do this. But we have to stay strong, vigilant and persistent if we’re going to get our message across. I would like to personally thank @district12kitty for working with me on getting this out there and granting permission to embed the tweets in this post. I’d also like to thank her for how hard she has fought for all of us and really pushed a message forward. Join us in the fight, and let’s keep trending the messages our representatives need to hear. We’ll do this, guys.

“This is deeply important to me and I am grateful to work alongside a handful of wonderful people on
Twitter to try and trend these statements. I hope you’ll join us in the fight for what we all need – CASH relief.”
-Cory Legendre